Thursday, August 3, 2017

I am back! Now playing Golden Axe Beast Rider

Well, it has been a while since my last entry, a lot have happened the last 2 years, but the fantasy quest continues :-).

I am all into playing Golden Axe - Beast Rider for the Playstation 3 right now and I have to say that I like it! I do like all the Golden Axe games, for all different systems. There is something with the world in those games, its a bit creep feeling, the 80s fantasy style of creepy and I love it. It reminds me of Conan, Beast Master, Ator and the other old 80s fantasy movies.

Beast Rider has got some bad rating and reviews but I think it does not deserve it because it's quite a good game. Yes it is very hard sometimes, but the controls are great and the graphic is superb!

So if you have a Playstation 3 or an Xbox 360, I recomend you to go and pick this game up! :-)

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