Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Elder Scrolls games by Bethesda

As a fantasy fan, I have always wanted a game that would bring you an entire world to freely walk around in and make your own adventure. A world with beautiful landscapes, castles, seas, mountains, forests and a world that would cycle between day and night so that you could very much feel being part of that world. I stumbled across Elder Scrolls Oblivion a few years back, and I found what I was looking for. You set up your character and after that you start in the Emperor´s dungeon and immediately begin a quest, when you get out of the dungeon, the amazing world outside is breathtaking from the first moment, a real fantasy world with a lot of quests and environments to explore! I haven't tried the latest game in the series, Elder Scrolls - Online, but Skyrim is as good as Oblivion and every Elder Scrolls game contribute to the overall feeling and story, it's a magical land that Bethesda has created, and it is beautiful! Before Oblivion there was Morrowind and before that Daggerfall all way back in the 90s, I played Daggerfall for my Intel 486 DX2 computer back in the days. Before Daggerfall there was Arena which I haven't tried. There are also some spin-offs : Elder Scrolls - Redguard and Elder Scrolls - Battlespire. The Elder Scrolls world is very detailed and Bethesda has succeeded in giving a breath-taking experience for a fantasy fan, you don't play these games, you live them. So, if you haven't played them, try them out, the first two games, Arena and Daggerfall are even free to download from the Elder Scrolls homepage. Enjoy!!! :-)

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