Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Hobbit and LOTR series by Peter Jackson

I recently went to see "The Hobbit - The battle of the five armies" and I loved it! Every second of it! The environments, the characters, the story, the music, the sounds, the effects. I was in the world of Tolkien all night after the movie, my hometown was suddenly a middle earth village in the Tolkien world, I even bought some dark beer just like that the dwarves drink to maximize the feeling even more. I love all the Tolkien movies by Peter Jackson, the adaptations of the books are excellent. Jackson really has an eye for details and atmosphere and the true fantasy heart, he does not only want to make a movie just to make a lot of money, it feels more like he actually have that special connection to fantasy and want to make movies that are true to the books by Tolkien and want them to become masterpieces no matter what.
Yes, there are some flaws in the movies but they are not many. Good fantasy movies are very uncommon these days, at least if you want something with work and feeling behind it, not the ordinary hack-n-slash with no brain movies that are common now. I do hope that Peter Jackson will do the Silmarillion story into movie, and that it will be in the near future, I can't wait several years for more Tolkien, I want it now! :-) Peter Jackson, you are superb, and a true hero in the world of fantasy!!

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