Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Trine games by Frozenbyte

I have always been a fan of platform games on different consoles and computers, and especially of fantasy platformers. I grew up with games like Legend of Galahad, Shadow of the beast, Legend, Wizards and Warriors, Ghouls and Ghosts, Golden Axe, just to mention a few. Since then, every good fantasy game I have played has been in 3D and I never thought that someone could revive the fantasy platform genre again, but how wrong I was. One day my brother tipped me that on steam there were a demo for a cool game I hade to try out. I downloaded the demo, installed and waited, and the moment I heard the music I almost cried of happiness, the intro was sooo good, so magical! And I started the game and the visuals and sounds overwhelmed me, mushrooms, forests, castles, caves, villages, floating water, the magical light, the colors. So extremely good and a real wonderful fairytale feeling with a deep calm narrating voice doing the story-telling in the background as the game progress. The characters, a thief, a wizard and a warrior have their own personalities told in a very good way and the story is just so wonderful. Its like reading a great fantasy book, just that you are in it. Trine 2 was as great or even better, these two games are a must for a fantasy lover. Every detail in the games is polished, Frozenbyte has thought of everything. I have the games for steam and for playstation 3, I have even added the soundtracks as playlists in Spotify. I recommend them a lot for you guys too check out!

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